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Lesso Water Purifier

Water Purifier

Water Purifier Is The Key Project Of China LESSO Group Holdings Ltd. (Stock Code: 2128.HK). It Is Operated And Managed By Water Purification Department. The Products include Pre Water Purifier, Tap Water Purifier, Desktop Water Purifier, Ultrafiltration Water Purifier, RO Water Purifier, Water Softener, Commercial Water Purifier And So On, Which can Be Used For Home, Villa, Enterprises, Etc.

Lesso RO Water Purifier

RO Water Purifier

Lesso UF Water Purifier

UF Water Purifier

Lesso Counter Top Water Purifier

Counter Top Water Purifier

Lesso Pipeline Water Dispenser

Pipeline Water Dispenser

Lesso Water Softener

Water Softener

Lesso Water Pre-filter

Water Pre-filter

Lesso Commercial Water Purifier

Commercial Water Purifier

Lesso Central Water Purifier

Central Water Purifier

Lesso Air Purifier

Air Purifier

Lesso Water Purifier Accessories

Water Purifier Accessories

Core Qualities

Six Core Qualities
Lesso Smart Reminder, Touch Operation

Smart Reminder, Touch Operation

Filter Replacement Reminder, Intelligent Touch Operation.

Lesso Instant Drink, Enjoy Fresh Water

Instant Drink, Enjoy Fresh Water

High Flow Capacity RO Filter Cartridge Brings Super Water-Making Power,Without Water Storage Tank, Drink Once It Filters. Keep The Water Quality Fresh At anyTime.

Lesso U.S. Imported Ro Membrane

U.S. Imported Ro Membrane

Two Important Indicators To Measure Performance Of RO Membrane Are Desalination Rate And The Rate Of Salt Passage. LESSO Water Purifier Adopts U.S. Imported Membrane,The Desalination Rate Reaches 96% To 99%. Can Fully Filter Out The Heavy Metal,Residual Pesticide, Chemical Pollutants. The Finished Drinking Water Is More Fresh.

Lesso Circulating Water-saving Technology

Circulating Water-saving Technology

At Present, The Wasting Water Proportion of Ro Purifiers On The Market is Generally 1:3(Pure Water: Raw Water) Which Cause Huge Waste Of Water Resource And Raise The Water Cost. LESSO Water Purifier Originated " Circulation Water Saving Technology " Which Take Use Of Concentrated Water Effectively And Achieve No Waste Water Effect.

Lesso Easy Open Clamping filter

Easy Open Clamping filter

The new Easy Open environmental protection clamping filter core can choose to change the filter core or the whole filter bottle according to the demand, clean,eco-friendly, the clamping type,the quick and convenient replacement.

Lesso NSF Certied UF Filter Cartridge

NSF Certied UF Filter Cartridge

Membrane Yarn Is The Core Of UF Filter, LESSO Adopts The UF Filter Which Has U.S. NSF Certification Authority, Filtering
Precision Achieves 0.01渭m,Effectively Filter Out Bacteria, Viruses And Other Harmful Substances.